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err testing-1 lol 9999 wt 4 7 9 10

Agilent & Waters HPLC-2

9mm Screw Neck for Agilent & Waters HPLC
With shipment Free delivery for $0.00
Base price $30.00
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Sales price $30.00
Sales price without tax $30.00
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  2ml Auto sampler vials 9mm Screw neck for Agilent & Waters HPLC  
Part Number  Description Qty
   STANDARD MOUTH (9*425) 12MM*32MM  
NC-9SCG-3212-W/O  1.8ml Clear Glass Screw Top Vials 100/Pk
NC-9SCG-3212-W 1.5ml Clear Glass Screw top With Write-on-Spot  100/Pk
NC-9SAG-3212-W/O 1.8ml Amber Glass screw top vials 100/Pk
NC-9SAG-3212-W 1.5ml Amber Glass Screw Top Vials With Write -on-spot  100/Pk
NCPP-3212-09-2 PP 2ml Clear, 9mm screw top vial 100/Pk
NCPP-1232-09-LV5 PP Low Recovery 1.8ml Vials with 500uI built -In - insert  100/Pk
NCBSCRS-09 Blue Screw Caps With PTEF / Red Rubber Septa  100/Pk
NC-9BSC-PSS  9mm Blue Smooth sided Screw caps without Slit Red PTFE/ White silicon septa  100/Pk
NCSC-09-3 9mm Blue Smooth sided Screw caps with Slit Red PTFE/ White silicone Pre-Slit septa 100/Pk
NC9BSC-09 Blue Open Top Screw Caps 100/Pk
NCKBSCSSS-B 9mm blue Knurled Screw Caps With bonded Red PTEF /White silicone Pre-Slit septa 100/Pk
NCKBSCSSS-B-W/O 9mm blue Knurled Screw Caps With bonded Red PTEF /White silicone without Pre-Slit septa 100/Pk
SBC-09-0 9mm Star Burst Caps   100/Pk
NCSC-09-1 9mm Closed Top Blue Screw Cap With red PTFE/white silicon Septa  100/Pk
NCSC-09-W3 9mm Blue screw Caps With silicone beige/PTFE White Slit Bonded Septa 100/Pk
NC-9KBSCSSS 9mm blue Knurled screw caps with Red PTFE /White silicone Pre slit septa  100/Pk
NC-9BSSC 9mm Knurled Blue screw Bonded Red /White silicone slit septa 100/Pk

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