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Safety Funnel(PE-HD, electroconductive)

Available with and without sieve.Delivered with antistatic cable.
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Safety Funnels(PE-HD,electroconductive)

SCAT Safety Funnels are made up of electroconductive PE_HD. The Ball valve only opens during disposal of liquid waste.Vaporation of hazardous solvent dases is prevented.

Available with and without sieve.Delivered with antistatic cable.

Cat.No Cap Material Cat.No with sieve
SCA-107672 GL 45 PE-HD(electroconductive),black SCA-108972
SCA-107674 S 51 PE-HD(electroconductive),black SCA-108974
SCA-107675 S 55 PE-HD(electroconductive),black SCA-108975
SCA-107671 S 60/61 PE-HD(electroconductive),black SCA-108971
SCA-107676 S 65 PE-HD(electroconductive),black SCA-108976
SCA-107678 S 70/71 PE-HD(electroconductive),black SCA-108978
SCA-107677 B 83 PE-HD(electroconductive),black SCA-108977
SCA-107673 S 90 PE-HD(electroconductive),black SCA-108973

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