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Exhaust Filters(Standard)

The exhaust filter avoids unfiltered escape of hazardous vapours.
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Exhaust Filters(Standard)

120,000 sqm screening surface versus hazardous vapours for clean air.

Our multicomponent granulate offers a specific filtering surface of 1.200 sqm/g and absorbs 99% of all particulate materials evaporating from your solvents.

The screening surfaces of the different filter sizes are:

Size S : 28.800sqm

Size M : 57.600 sqm

Size L : 120.000sqm

 The lifetime of exhaust filters depends on concentration and chemical quality of the used solvent mixtures.To calculate the individual lifetime of the filters for your application, please ask your Sales Representative.

Cat.No Size
SCA-107911 S
SCA-107914 M
SCA-107915 L